I build and host FAST websites

Hello, I am Sean and I love Web Design and Hosting. I especially love FAST websites!

Google Lighthouse
Google lighthouse performance rating at 100 percent
Google lighthouse accessibility score at 96%
Google lighthouse best practices at 100%
Best Practices

I build and host FAST websites

Hello, I am Sean and I love Web Design and Hosting. I especially love FAST websites!

Let’s have a look at what you get?

(Everything below is inclusive in the monthly price)

  • Fresh brand new WordPress design
  • 15 years experience in marketing & development
  • Your site is built for speed
  • Appealing to search engines
  • I host your website to guarentee speed
  • You get great Google Lighthouse scores (95+)
  • 8 years hosting experience
  • Google Cloud servers delivering globally
  • Dedicated support manager (me)
  • I handle all site changes
  • Give me a call to bounce ideas
  • Ticketed support for accountability

Did I have you at fast websites?

No? Check out this sweet accordion! It has more answers about my web design and hosting methods.

Google Lighthouse is a suite of metrics used by Google to score a website on a variety of benchmarks and key performance indicators. These powerful metrics let me as a developer, and Google know if your website is worthy enough to show to people searching for your solution. These metrics include:

  • Load speed
  • How well the site performs on mobile tests (especially speed)
  • How accessible the site is to a wide audience, including those this disabilities
  • Is the site built with best practice
  • How well does the site perform in search engine optimisation (SEO)

I build websites with this in mind. The entire development and design cycle takes lighthouse scores into consideration at every step.

35% of the web uses WordPress. That is a lot of websites and it is for a good reason. But I want to talk about Guttenberg blocks, which really changed how WordPress development and editing was managed. With Guttenberg came more speed. We only serve your customers what they need to load the page. I have been building in WordPress since 2010. I know it well and that let’s me serve you better.

What I can say for sure is the Google loves a fast website that ticks all the boxes. When I rebuild your site, set up analytics, add you to Google Search Console, comply with GDPR, and build a great mobile experience for your users, the magic happens. Over time your site will raise the ranks. We all know SEO is a long game, but getting Lighthouse scores of 95 plus on everything helps a lot.

I don’t specifically “do SEO” but I build for it. I make sure every single image has ALT Tags, your pages have titles, meta information, featured images and excerpts. I know SEO so when I build your page the purpose of that page will be very clear to Search Engines, and this is the best solid foundation for SEO you can start with.

But I won’t track your keywords and performance, and perform endless tweaks to your site to get you up the ranks. That is best left to industry experts if you need it. And if you do need it, those industry experts will expect you to have a web developer to work with them. THATS ME!

Let’s be honest. I need you to stick around for at least 6 months. If what I do doesn’t bring in clients and pay for itself then we shouldn’t be working together. If at the end of six months you are not seeing improvements in traffic, more calls / forms being filled out then we can part ways. You start over with a new developer and I get to keep the site I built. I don’t think it will come to that.

I can do the whole world. But I work mostly out of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. If you want a face to face we can probably pull it off. I have clients all over the home counties, UK, and United States. The web doesn’t really do borders very well,

This is really good news! If you are out growing Sean Brannon then we both did something right. That makes me feel good. I have some really good industry partners and agencies I know and have worked with which I can point you to that can grow with you. Some goodbyes are worth it.

Alright money bags! Let’s talk dosh.

Fast websites

£150 /month

  • Minimum 6 month commitment
  • I build your fast website
  • I keep it safe happy and warm on my servers
  • You call me for updates to the site
  • I get your Google Lighthouse scores to 95+ ( shoot for 100 )
  • I build it for accessibility, speed and Search Engines.
  • We set up Google Search Console / Analytics (or integrate)

Graphic design

£75 /hour

  • Do you need any display stands?
  • Do you need a fresh logo?
  • I can give you a brand identity
  • I can help with your illustration
  • Do you need a business card?
  • Van need a good wrap design?


£TBC /month

  • PCI security compliance
  • Custom SSL certificates
  • Woo Commerce / other
  • Dedicated hosting
    (if required)
  • Bespoke pricing for your needs

That was better than you thought it was going to be wasn’t it?

Let’s schedule a heart to heart and make sure we like each other!

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That’s it! I will be in touch once I have a chance to check out your existing site (if you have one). We will book a one-to-one and make sure I can meet your business needs.